Friday, January 8, 2016


Obed had to have surgery to repair a minor issue. It was the exact same surgery his brother had 2 years ago, and the exact same surgery 2 of his cousins have had. Although the doctor said there is no genetic link, it's hard to agree with that when 4 out of 9 grandsons have had the same surgery thus far (with 3 more yet to learn if its needed).

Obed handled it like a champ. While he was (understandably) afraid, he was super brave and had a great attitude. 
He handled his recovery like a super-hero and ate 2 cherry popsicles in no time, busting out of recovery quickly. He's had a weekend with lots of pain killer and unlimited screen time. So while the pain has been unpleasant to deal with, he's had a fun few days of video games and movies.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Beginning of 2016

Thus far, the week of 2016 has been fun for the boys. Ezra and Asher have a short indoor soccer season, which they're pretty stoked about. The morning of their first game, they were down 4 players due to illness, including their goalie. Ezra has always wanted to try out goalie, so he got to do that and did a great job. Asher and Ezra's team won 4-3.
The boys all got rollerblades for Christmas from their grandma and grandpa, so they have been anxious to ride them. Solomon also got a penny board and he has been itching to get out on it as well. So last Sunday, I took the boys to the park to give them a chance to skate around some.

 Uzziah is not too sure about his rollerblades yet, but he was content to ride his trike.

 Asher jumping.
We've jumped back into school and the boys have done it with good attitudes. Ezra had a lot of reading his first week back and spent time cuddled up with Kevin, devouring his book.
The boys had so much fun skating last Sunday that we went again. The nice thing was that the Sunday we were first at the outdoor rink, there was a group of men shoveling it off in order to play a pick up game of hockey. The second time we went was middle of the week. There was no one else there and the guys had sufficiently cleared the rink, so it was great for skating. Do note Kevin in the picture. He loves to chase the boys while they are on their skates and try to pull their pants down.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Great Addition of 2015

When we bought our house back in August, we knew that we wanted to put an addition on to increase the living space. This is the original picture of the back of the home. There was a large (rotten) cedar deck with a (non-functioning) hot tub, as well as a large (dying) Cottonwood tree.

The process of the addition began back in August with the removal of the deck, as well as selling the non-functioning hot tub. Vince and the boys did all of this.
Then we had the tree removed on September 27.

Next came the excavation of the concrete pad that was under the deck, as well as digging the foundation and crawl space for the addition. The concrete guys began excavation on October 7.

This was a particularly distracting few days for the boys and not a whole lot of school was accomplished, as they were all enthralled with the excavators and bobcats in the back yard. They also enjoyed watching the workers and making farting noises every time the workers bent over. Hours of fun.

Obed, lost in the hole in the back yard.

With the excavation finished, next came pouring the walls for the crawl space.

This was a particularly exciting process, as a boom truck came and pumped the concrete over the house.

November 2, the crew showed up and began to work.

Once the floor was in and insulated, along with the crawl space, they began ripping off the back of the house.

They built the frame and got it up.

We had a few chilly nights in the house, as there was nothing against the back of the wall other than drywall. 
They got the outside framed and up, shingles on the roof and then the siding began to go up.

Then the inside work began. The weekend after Thanksgiving, the electrician spent the whole weekend getting lighting installed and outlets moved.
The original wall to the house remained up until we could insulate the addition, which had to wait until we passed inspection for electrical work. On Wednesday, December 2, the interior wall came down.

Asher, up on the ladder, enjoying the view.

And then on Friday, December 4, the dry wallers came and worked through the following week.

The dry wallers finished on Friday, December 11. And wow, the dust was intense!!

The boys helped load the second dumpster.

Once the space was cleaned up and live-able, we took off all the cabinets and painted them and replaced the hardware.

Vince got some reclaimed bowling alleys, stripped them and cut them to the right size for counter tops. My dad came up for a day to help get them installed.

Vince put in a new, under mount sink and we began the process of sealing the counter tops.

There is still a lot of finishing work to do like trimming out the windows, putting in new flooring, etc. But we are living in the space and loving having it! We are so thankful for all the work that has been done.