Friday, November 13, 2015

The Zoo and Some More

Denver Zoo had a free day a few weeks ago, so we met up with some friends and headed that way for the day. It's always amazing to see so many animals - even if they are in captivity. The tiger was up and active and so beautiful.
 Ezra in front of the Okapi.
Dolly the elephant came out to the "island" for a bit to entertain us.

Obed the elephant.
 Asher has really good hearing.
 Obed was telling Uzziah all about the apes that were climbing up the ropes. Uzziah was enthralled.
 Once again, Uzziah really loved the monkey house.
 Asher and Solomon trying to pose by the bronze ape.
 This was the best group shot we got. If nothing else, it commemorates the day.
 Solomon, Uzziah and their buddy, Sadie, playing the drums.
 This was a Lego sculpture at the zoo. It had over 4000 pieces. The boys were pretty amazed.

On our way home, we stopped for ice-cream and met up with our friend, Heather, also lovingly known as Poo-poo by our boys.
Then we stopped at Grammy's and Papa's for dinner. After dinner Grammy played a little Crazy-8s with the younger 2 boys before we headed home.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Colanders and Drum Pots

We only have 3 drums, which is more than enough (in my opinion). It's plenty to make lots and lots and LOTS of noise! There are days, however, the Solomon and Uzziah are convinced that three is certainly NOT enough and the more noise, the merrier. When these days arrive, they pull out my pots to use as drums. They also like to pull out my colanders to use as their "drum seats." Both serve their musical purposes very well.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thanksgiving... A Few Weeks Early

Vince's parents typically come out for Thanksgiving. This year, however, things worked out for them to come out in early November instead. Since we are accustomed to having Thanksgiving with them, and since both of their kids now living in Colorado, we planned to have a Thanksgiving meal while they were in town. Here is a picture of all the cousins from our early turkey day celebration.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


The older 2 boys had a soccer game south of Denver on Halloween afternoon. What this meant is that we would not get home until about 6:00 on Halloween night. We would have had to turn around, eaten, gotten in costumes and out the door after having spent a good majority of the day gone. It felt like a bit too much. So I asked the boys if they would be willing to bypass trick-or-treating. I told them I would buy them some candy and we could get pizza and watch a Dukes of Hazard (a family favorite - the 1970's show, not the Jessica Simpson remake). The older 3 boys saw the beauty of getting candy without any of the "work." The younger 2 felt pretty sad about it. So we struck up a happy medium. There is an event in Old Town every year called "Tiny Tot" where littler kids can dress up and go trick-or-treating at all the store fronts. Vince took the younger 2 boys to Tiny Tot (although all the boys went along) so they could get their trick-or-treating in and wear their costumes. And then we also stayed in on Halloween night and ate pizza and candy and watched the Dukes.

We also carved pumpkins on Halloween. Solomon and Uzziah wanted to paint their pumpkins.

The finished product. Nice work boys!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Who's There?

It's hard to see, but we have an owl visitor in our tree. Vince and I have heard it who-ing at night a few times, and today, I heard about 20 crows out in the tree, screaming and making a huge clamor. I went out to see what was going on, and looked up and saw the owl sitting there. It was amazing to watch it. I love God's creativity!

Friday, October 16, 2015

CSU Homecoming Parade

It just so happened that the CSU Homecoming Parade fell on a Friday that Obed did not have soccer, so we were able to head up and watch it this year. We were able to meet up with several families from church, so it was a fun time for the boys to hang out with friends and get an excessive amount of candy.

The boys pushing the "barrier" line.
 Ezra sporting the free frisbee as a hat.
After the parade there was a pep-rally an bonfire. We went for some of the pep-rally, but had ridden our bikes and did not bring our lights, so had to head out before the bonfire was lit.

 Observing the pep-rally from afar.
On the ride home. We got home just as the sun was setting. It was a fun afternoon and beautiful evening for a family bike ride.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kevin Jeffrey

Kevin Jeffrey is a most loved dog. And he really is a good dog. Every night, the boys ask him, "do you want to go sleep on the big bed?" and he runs upstairs and jumps into one of two beds; Ezra's or Obed's. The other day, Vince was calling and calling for Kevin and we couldn't find him. We were certain he had wandered off, escaping out the open side gate. But nope, he was upstairs, snuggled up in Ezra's bed. 

Most nights, there is an argument over who gets to have him sleep in their bed. I went up one night and found Kevin sleeping in Obed's bed. Obed had taken both his and Asher's baby blankets and covered up Kevin. Kevin was happy to stay warm and snuggled up. He's such a loved dog.